Monday, 14 May 2007


Firstly, I'll like to recognise the fact that entertainment in Nigeria, has come a long way. One can now survive on Nigerian entertainment. I'd also like to start with the Nigerian music scene. Without any doubt, Nigerian music is now at an appreciable level. A few years back, most people would rather listen to foreign music. But these days, Nigerian music is the "bomb". This is as a result of the fusion of western style of music with indigenuous Nigerian rhythm, sound, language and so on. I guess we have all been influenced by western culture, that we prefer to listen to music like that only with some Nigerian spice.

Can't blame us, even in China and Japan, music is becoming more westernized.

Thanks to good Nigerian music that fostered the production of other good songs. Eg: Plantashun boys: brought rhythm and r n b into nigerian music scene...styl-plus -adding smooth r n b with nigerian language, who knew that could sound so good..p square-even if they are guilty for sampling other people's works without permission, they definitely deserve an appplause for fusing dance and hot steps into nigerian music. Lagbaja-for also making fela kinda music sound funkier and jolly. Kush for taking the bar higher. Femi kuti-big ups for making nigerian music international. As for videos, we are yet to make good videos to good standards, but we have to give it up to a few people.

Not forgeting those Nigerians in diaspora that are into music . Its cool to know they are infusing their Nigerian roots into their music.

Here are some artist.

Though, Nigerian music is blossoming, there is still a long way to go.

Nayo- has a soothing and mesmerizing voice n she's beautiful

He raps really gud. Love the lyric "put by zoom zoom in your boom boom" from collabo with p square.
Visit his myspace on
Don't expect me to show sade or seal, cos I have not heard or seen this people come out to identify themselves with Nigeria.


catwalq said...

checked out Nayo's myspace. Very soft jazz meets Angelique Kidjo...
very nice

Afolabi said...

cool, she's really good..and her music is crisp and soothing