Friday, 25 May 2007


This statement, I guess, brings memories to those who loved rap music during the 80s-90s. "Fight the power" which are the words of the rap group public enemy. In every society, there is injustice, corruption, abuse of power and so on. But there are people (who I call martyrs), that stand up to protest and fight against these vices, even in the midst of opposition and oppression. We have had a couple of these enigmatic and charismatic individuals who have stood up against our very notorious government. However, my point here is the way we as Nigerians treat these fighters. The Nigerian culture always celebrates the rich rather than the worthy. Also, we have the attitude of always accepting everything that comes our way, without objecting. The truth in the words of Fela Anikulapo Kuti "I no won die, ...I don build our, I never build house". We don't have the attitude of fighting for what we believe in. To make matters worse, we sometimes see people that oppose wrong doings as being foolish or simply "ode". Also, we do not honour these individuals that have fought, not to mention continue their legacies.

Here are some individuals through out Nigerian history that have stood their gorund for the cause they believe in.

Definitely, he has be a top gun in this group. Although, he was a radical pan africanist, he spoke and sang against corruption and westernization of the Nigerian society. Even in the face of oppression from the government, he still persisted in his beliefs and spread the gospel of Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Thank God for him, at least we have people to brag about on how intelligent Nigerians are. He is the first African to be awarded a Nobel prize. As we all know he is the excellent playwright, poet, that also spoke against the Biafran war and recommended peace between the two warring parties. He was arrested under the Yakubu government.

He is one of the few activist in Nigeria that I was familiar with, since I was a kid when he was in active duty. Since, I lived in Port harcourt, his name resounded during the Abacha era and in my house. He was an environmentalist, television producer, and author who was against the destruction and deprivation of the Ogoni land due to the oil exploration. He was executed under the Abacha government.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo who I must mention is from Ikenne Ogun State( where I am from), lead the action group. He believed in Nigeria's independence and nationalism.

Not forgetting greats like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dele Giwa and so on who opened their voices, so that things could change positivelhy for the Nigerian society. The one way we can repay these people is continue their legacy.


The Pseudo-Independent said...

This is only to reserve a seat here and I will be back to comment properly after exploring this excellent blog.
Ill be back. However, just in case I am taking too long, please give me a shout.
See you shortly.

Pink-satin said...

men,i tried reading one of wole soyinkas book over the weekend..abeg the grammar was too much ..i had to drop it

Afolabi said...

yeah the grammar is much, tried reading Ake, but I gave u. But, you can read lion and the jewel and metarmorphosis of broda jero

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