Thursday, 27 September 2007

Porn Palaver II

I was surprised to visit Linda Ikeji's blog and find the pics of a naked grown man and woman. The pictures show two individuals who were starked naked and humiliated by a mob on the streets. And the crime is adultery. Like wtf, so what if they commited adultery, it's none of the crowd's or anyone outside her family and friends' business. Again, adultery is a moral issue not a crime that should be punished by such jungle justice. Visit Linda Ikeji's blog for a more comprehensive post on this issue.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Don't Tase Me..

Police Brutality (not really) at its funniest.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Fimisile- leave me alone....yay..I can speak yoruba

Sorry to all of you guys, who have been visiting my blog, but don't find any new updates. I've been busy and lazy (do these two go together). Well, you get the idea, there's school work and every time I'm free, I get lazy to blog. Anyway, how y'all doing this fall. Life's going good (thank God) for me. I'm more relaxed now, even if my mind can't escape the fact that my dad is travelling via a Nigerian airline. Even if it's virgin or aero, which I hope, I still don't feel comfortable with Nigerian airlines. Honestly, I try to convince people that aviation in Nigeria is not as bad as we see on tv. I mean how many air line crashes or accidents, do we hear of. Still, it's the fear that even when these unforeseen accidents happen, there are usually not good enough rescue services. Also, we hardly hear of the causes of this crashes. So, how can we solve a life threatening problem, if we do not know the causes. Still, I give a short prayer, believing that all will be well.

My classes have been just there. I feel bored in most of them, owing to the fact that it's like I'm learning stuff, I've heard before. Still. I know it's going be better, when we get deeper into the courses.
I'm presently listening to Sunny Neji's Prisoner of love. And, love songs definitely sound differently to me these days. I now understand what Ne yo meant when he said he was sick of love songs. Love, love, love, so many people(which I belong to) really use that word inappropriately. Is it just a physical attraction to someone? or just a deep connection to someone. Unarguably, infatuation can be mistaken for love. They're like cousins. Anyway, have to go now, my roomate just brought this crazy and hallucinatory alcohol drink ever (that didn't sound right. Right?). I'm not drinking though (there's a shot of irony in this sentence). Peace people!!!!!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Fire On The Mountain - asa

Asa is back with this original video and good song. I'd love her to add those sweet yoruba melodies to her song though.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

History X

"Hate is baggage" one of the characters in the movie American history X describes. I am a staunch believer that people are generally of good heart, and that a lot of people live lives of hate due to the legacies they have inherited. Regardless of the environment or back ground we grow up in, we often are left with legacies of our predecessors. These legacies shape our lives and determine some choices we make. There are different races, ethnicities, and tribes blamed for promoting various vices. People of a same race are usually stereotyped to fit a certain vice. There are the aboriginals here in Canada that make up a huge percentage of those living in poverty, even with all the benefits that comes with being Aboriginal. I believe they are living under unproductive legacies set by their predecessors. I spoke to someone, considering the state of aboriginals in Canada, and he claimed that a huge percentage of these people are lazy and expect the government to do everything. There was a certain truth to what he said, but I still believe that most of the aboriginal youths, I saw roaming downtown winnipeg were living under legacies set by their parents and elderly ones. They have learnt attitudes and cultures that do not promote their personal growth. Imagine waking up to see your parents depending on welfare, and demanding for benefits. Most people will grow up, and simply inherit such unhealthy attitudes. This is one of the reasons why I do not support that unnecessary benefits and welfare be granted to people in the Niger Delta. Yes! they deserve a whole lot from the corporations making blillions in their land, because these corprations have to compensate the damage done to their land. Still, I do not agree with the exploitation of this right.

Back to the title History X, even if a huge number of us (which I am included in) don't have a deep understanding of our Nigerian history. it is still undeniable that we have a history of a whole lotta bad things. Even after our independence as a nation, legacies have being passed down from generation to another. Unarguably, these legacies are filled with the very infamous and sly corruption, bad leadership, poor and unproductive mentalities and so on. If you go down through our political, social and religious history, the legacies that have been passed down are just terrible. Change can not just occur, we have to enforce it and transfer it from one generation to another. My generation will provide leaders of our country, and imagine these same future leaders claiming that when they get to power, they are going to steal enough money. And these future leaders sugar coat their plans by saying they'll steal but still help. Yeah yeah!! we all know money is intoxicating, once they start, it's the end. The main reason why such mentality is in the minds of young people (which I belong to), is because we have inherited legacies our elders have given to us. We cannot blame our elders for all our problems, because we as individuals that belong to families, we as individuals that are brothers, sisters, cousins have the responsiblity to set examples for our young ones watching us closely and ever hungry to learn something from us. I used to think, that as an individual, I could do and say anything I wanted even with my siblings watching. But the truth is that they learn a lot from what I do. Though, I cannot be perfect, but at least, I could be responsible.