Wednesday, 30 May 2007

In a 100 years

Now we have a new president,Pres. Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, . This is just a relief that at least we have democracy to an extent in Nigeria. I was reding the guys credentials, and it looked like he is an intelligent and experienced man. At least, he didn't serve in the military for anytime of his life. Its so typical now for most Nigerian leaders to establish facilities as soon as they arrive into government. President(former) Obassanjo on entering into power developed telecommunications( Good work) and life in Nigeria became more free, and people were more outspoken (JUST A LITTLE). Even, the governor of Rivers State Odili put in place free school bus schemes, which after a few years of his tenure none were seen again. He also constructed traffic lights and a major bridge. There are still other cases of government officials who establish positive things in their first year in office. Sometimes, I wonder if this country is developing at this rate, it might take us a 100 years to finally reach a developed stage, by this time the west and the rest of the world would have been a century ahead of us. Who knows Yar'dua might improve electricity supply in Nigeria (ohh love for that to happen). And maybe change our anthem.


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