Thursday, 21 June 2007

Sneak preview 4

My week has come and gone so fast. Did well in my exam, with an A. Relieved I did well. Today was quite exciting. I went hiking for the first time. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if it was going to be boring or hectic. But, on getting there, it was cool. Felt like I was on survivor or even ultimate search. The hiking was organized by the outdoor group. We were not so many who went summer, guess everyone wants to chill in their house. I made sure I had y sandwich, water, pop, choc bar for hunger. The journey to the cove took about 1 and half hours. As soon, as we arrived cedar cove, the view was already beautiful. The atlantic ocean chanelled through mountains. It was beautiful. The hiking started proper when we all had to climd a fairly easy hill. We then walked through a trail. It wasn't all that exciting, until we got to this spot that had a lake and the atlantic ocean. It was beautiful!!!!. The atlantic channelled through massive rocks and the shores had little rocks that were visible through the clear and transparent sea. We all ate lunch on the rocks, and I daered myself to walk in the water even on hearing that it sometimes is shark infested and freezing. But what the hell, few minutes in the water won't give me hypothermia. I stepped my feet in the freezing water, while the other guys watched me probably thinkin wat this black guy from nigeria is doing. But all the same, I came out alive and we decided to climb the rocky hill. Lucky enough, the hills, had trees and shrubs on it, to make climbing easy. After hiking on the mountain for up to an hour, due to different breaks, thank to the girl who kept getting exhausted. On getting to the top, I had the feeling that everything was worth it. I felt like I was in a scene from lord of the rings. The view of the atlantic from the mountain which was about 4000m from the ground was breathtaking. And a movie was shot in this location starring Jim Caviezel http: outlander . The interaction while hiking was fun also. Especially, with this hilarious guy and chick. The hilariousness starts when she starts talking about a show on discovery about the 40(i think) sex accidents. First, was a man caught humping his old vacuum cleaner and had his jnr cut. Then, this guy caught humping a donkey and got kicked by the animal, and the perverted guy who let a horse hump and got his insides destroyed. And the organiser of the event had this funny name Rich HARD Butt. u but it wasn't spelt like this o!!!. This girl made fun of him for having a name like dick butt. I didn't get the joke until I called out Rich HARD. LOL. Anyway, hiking was great and an unforgettable experience for me. The next day, I performed my peotry and short story at an event. It was okay, but expected better.


chicala said...

Good to know u had fun o, looks like ur summer's going!
Congrats on ur exam result..weldone!!

How are you?

dolly said...

Congrats on your exams

Thanks for stopping bye.... great blog