Friday, 27 April 2007

A world apart

I just saw the movie "Blood diamond". A very good and educative movie. Also, Leonardo di Carprio did an excellent job. Not forgetting, Djimmon Hounsou who exuded every form of emotion. This movie which is filled with many thought provoking lines and dialogue, is an eye opener to the condition of Africa. The selfish demand for diamonds in the western world and even some parts of Africa has caused so muh anguish. This illegal trade has intensified wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone and so on. Thank God! we do not have diamonds in Nigeria. We cannot go on to blam e the west. Although, the consumerism lifestyle of the western world has lead to the deprivation of the rest of the world. I am also guilty of this. I am fortunate to be from a priviledged background, where I have access to basic amenities. I am currently schooling in Canada. Sometimes, I get a sense of guilt consuming so much here. The thought of those who do not have enough in Nigeria and the rest of Africa aches my heart. This all boils down to the fact that Africa is indeed separated from the world's wealth. The lifestyles of people are so different, that Africa is a world apart. Here, people have choices in their meals and every aspect of life you can think of. But, in most parts of Africa there is little or none to choose from. Certainly, I have no right to complain. I have everything I need and most of what I want. So do most people who read this. Sometimes, I wonder what I can do to make a change. "Education". Who gets the education?. Most international students who come over here intend to get educated and stay here permanently. The fact is that they have already labeled their countries as doomed. But if those who can effect change all run, who will help. The west certainly will never help, when they gain so much from the present state. Africa has to literally join the world, and enjoy the earth's wealth. Africa should be able to enjoy its resources. A change should happen, starting from me and you

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